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Some days ago, I did an outstanding interview with an artist that I have been acquainted with for years: FlygerWoods.
In this interview, we talk about a lot of interesting topics: his upbringing, his song that debuted on and how does he stay so fresh!
Artist: FlygerWoods
Stylist: Kidd Ford @ranger_up
Photographer: Vinh Luong @vinhluongstudios
Designer: Preston Douglas @prestondouglasofficial
Thank you for taking time to answer these questions! I know we just did an interview about your merch brand, but I felt that it would be vital and necessary so that potential fans can know more about the man behind FWM. Please tell us more about how you came up and what was it like to be a young Flyger Woods.
I came up a middle child of 3 brothers, raised by our mother for the most part. My memories range from great to traumatic like most people, I think. My mother was and is a great mom as a single parent of 3, but there were definitely hard times and moments when we were in limbo as far as where we lived, relying on family members etc. In retrospect, the tougher times only made me and my brothers stronger men and I remain thankful regardless. I have always been a bit of an introvert and shy by nature, but music was a release and way of expression for me starting at a very young age. While most of my peers and friends got into gangs and shootouts, I really was the opposite choosing art and fantasy, comics, gaming, basketball and of course music and rapping. I always just wanted to make people laugh often the class clown at school, but eventually, the clowning caught up and I never graduated.
Tell people how you got into doing music. What was the entry point for you? When? Why?
Literally, it was the back of the bus freestyles lol. I started jamming Dipset and feel like that was when I really started “learning” how to rap. Initially, I was writing battle raps with gun metaphors for fun, but when Kanye dropped, my life changed completely. I realized it was okay to be myself as a rapper and more importantly to be true to myself artistically. This was the turning point as far as knowing this was going to be what I did with my future.
I remember before you became Flyger Woods, you were Airborne and, posted an article about you. How did that happen?
My best friend Andrew aka TAME went to the NiceKicks store in Austin and played them a song I recorded as Airborne called “Jordan Anthology”. After he played the track NiceKicks followed me on Twitter and reached out to me letting me know they loved the song. About a year later I dropped a mixtape called “Mind Pod Shuffle” which featured “Sneaker Head”. I sent Nice Kicks a link to the track and Matt Halfhill the store owner enjoyed the song so much he posted it on This look was a huge honor for me, being that the only other artist NiceKicks featured up to that point was Macklemore and I was just an undiscovered rapper at that point. TAME has always looked out for me as far as getting my music heard from the very beginning, love my brother.
Who are some of your favorite brands, both locally and beyond the H? Why do you like these brands?
I love the raw creativity that comes from the local brands whom many I listed are the homies, much of their gear is hand sewn and embroidered which is a style I am interested in. I really admire the indie brands because I have witnessed their grind first hand. The more simple and minimal designs appeal to me the most and I find I gravitate to them in my style. I appreciate the bigger iconic labels because they create high-quality pieces that stand the test of time from a fashion standpoint.
Tell us about your upcoming projects, music, visuals, etc. What is the theme of it?
I have 2 singles, an EP, and a video dropping within the next few months. “She Knows” produced by Izzar Thomas drops Valentines Day and ” Make My Day” produced by Rob Quest drops on 2/23. I am currently filming a video for Make My Day and compiling various songs for my EP to be released around late March. My sophomore album is scheduled for Summer 2018 and titled “My Middle Name Is Tyrone” with production by WOLFE de MÇHLS. This project is dedicated to the younger me as well as the evolved me, and to releasing a few demons of my past while calling out some demons in the present. Tyrone historically gets a pretty bad rap, this one is for Tyrone.
Any upcoming touring dates/opportunities for people outside of Houston, to see you on the road?
Indeed, I’m currently working on a Texas tour with my best friend and fellow rapper TAME, The Aspiring Me. I just appeared on my homie Fat Tony‘s set at Axelrad the other night, performing at the next Bounce & Turn event on 2/23 and I am playing the EXP SXSW Showcase at Native on March 15th. I will keep you posted on all my new dates fam.
What practical advice do you have for a young artist coming up in the industry?
Know your identity and stand on your artistic and creative integrity. Don’t hesitate to invest in yourself. Develop a team you can trust and rely on. In my opinion, an artist should be able to focus on their art and not every single aspect of the business on top it. My team has been imperative for the progression of my music, my focus and my brand…I stay grateful. Stop competing with anyone but yourself. Fuck the likes and the plays and just create the art because you love the art, you can’t lose if you are happy.
FlygerWoods wishes everyone a Happy Valentines Day with “She Knows”, the first single from the Houston rap artists’ forthcoming EP. “She Knows” is a straightforward song about the kind of woman who likes what he likes. Produced by rising Houston artist Izzar Thomas, “She Knows” will be available on all digital retailers and streaming platforms February 14, 2018.