jett i masstyr love is love

Jett I Masstyr doesn’t rest, but he does believe in matters of the heart.

Jett I Masstyr’s alter-ego hasHBrown is no stranger to making noise on Valentine’s Day. 2011’s Relationsh*t took the idea of Phonte’s “I need a girl when I need a girl and when I don’t need a girl who can understand that” and built an entire personal world around it. Seven years later, the smoother side of Jett I Masstyr, the one that scored treks to Los Angeles and back in 2017 returns with his first beat suite. Love Is Love clocks in at 12 tracks and carries all the flowers and romance of an ’70s Isley Brothers album. Mixed in with a little late-era Marvin and peak Teddy. Hear the project in full via Soundcloud below and purchase the LP on Bandcamp here.

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