jack freeman jack of all trades

Slim Thug admits to fighting stress and anxiety amongst other items in his life on the Jack Of All Trades podcast.

Three episodes into the Jack of All Trades podcast and you get the sense that Jack Freeman not only enjoys his guests, he enjoys peeling their thoughts back and applying new ones in that open space. Similar to Arian Foster’s podcast. Before the third episode, Freeman spoke with Nigerian-American athlete Seun Adigun about her beginnings, slips, falls and ultimately founding the Nigerian bobsled team that will compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics. You can listen to that episode below.

Episode three, however, breaks a little new ground, sort of. Slim Thug, a man who lives a money-driven lifestyle can admit to it being a detriment to being a regular person. “There’s a lot you lose being in the game,” he says. “The most important thing is family, friends … if you get hurt, who gon’ pick up up? Who gon’ be there for you?”

Slim admits that he should eventually try therapy, just as Jack mentions that he’s prone to holding things in far more often than not. Finding stillness for both men is a big deal, especially for an overworked Slim who only scheduled time to hit the gym. Once he finished The World Is Yours, there was open space to do whatever. And it still wasn’t enough.

It is a revealing conversation between Slim and Jack, two Northsiders who often dream in color. Or in Slim’s case, not even dream because he can’t recall them. Hear the in-depth conversation for Jack Of All Trades, episode three below.