Picture My Vision emcees Jay-Von and Seano Phresh add H-Town flavor to a Roc-A-Fella classic on “For Da Family Freestyle.”

“Damn! I’m surgical with this motherf*cker… !”

Most people only know Amil as the woman from Jay-Z’s “Can I Get A…” her body of work is actually deeper than that. The female emcee was one of Roc-A-Fella Records’ not-so-secret weapons in the early 2000s, a pretty face with a melodic flow and punchlines for days. One of Amil’s hallmarks? Holding her own alongside the Roc’s heavy hitters Memphis Bleek, Jay-Z, and Beanie Sigel on “4 Da Fam.” On the track, all four rappers recalled their humble beginnings and how, no matter what, if someone came after any one of their labelmates, that someone had a problem with ALL of them.

Picture My Vision Entertainment operates under the same modus operandi. The Mo. City outfit adheres to the concept of family strongly, with one core vision of ensuring that “everybody eats.” Jay-Von, who’s already started up another series of freestyles for 2018, has linked up with fellow PMV spitter Seano Phresh to present a modern take on the Roc-A-Fella gem, the”For Da Family Freestyle.”

With DJ MoSama as the ever-watchful guide, producer Relli is on the boards to recreate the soap opera theme-esque beat from “4 Da Fam,” right down to the flourishes and the kick drums thumping in the background. Vonzilla kicks things off, tucking in clever name-drops of Seano and PMV CEO Sea in his verse while also taking shots at the competition once more (“Niggas tryna act ‘Like Mike’ – end up like Bow Wow!/ No future in ya frontin’…”).

Phresh takes the baton at the 2:07 mark, launching into a steady flow and creative lines of his own. He not only likens himself to a judge because he gives brings the bars and insists that he “goes to work on the beat like a 9 to 5”; but dedicates a portion of the verse to name-dropping areas throughout the H. Their ’20/20′ EP may be nearly two months old, but “For Da Family” proves Von and Seano are still completely in sync.

Take a listen to Jay-Von and SeanoPhresh’s “For Da Family” freestyle, presented by DJ MoSama and produced by Relli, for yourself down below.