secret group htx

The venue maintains its stance on hosting all shows after two incidents early Saturday morning.

Secret Group, one of East Downtown’s favorite new venues had to make a public stance Saturday afternoon. Following two incidents of violence after a concert, venue owner Andrew Youngblood took to Facebook to maintain that despite the occurrences, hip-hop would still have a place at Secret Group.

“Some people said we shouldn’t do hip hop shows anymore etc etc …however i refuse to judge a entire genre based off the actions of a few,” he wrote on Facebook. “The Secret Group will continue to do shows of ALL genres… ALWAYS.”

After Doeman’s sold-out show last night at the venue, two incidents occurred, neither of which involved the Mexican-American rap star. As concert goers were exiting the venue, one person was shot and another was stabbed. Both have been reported to be in stable condition.

You can read Youngblood’s full post below.