The R&B trio known as Sonder reunite on a slow-burning new single, “One Night Only.”

There’s a reason Brent Faiyaz entitled his debut album, ‘Sonder Son.’ Before his solo career really took off, Faiyaz partnered with two producers, Dpat and Atu, to form a trio known simply as ‘Sonder.’

In the vein of the semi-mysterious artist trend of musicians like DVSN and H.E.R, ‘Sonder’ used symbols to identify themselves at first, letting the music serve as a representation of who they were. In 2016, the trio dropped a trilogy of freEPs; and last January, Sonder shared their major release project, the ‘Into’ EP. If the latter sounds familiar, it’s because ‘Into’s’ breakout single, “Too Fast,” was the star of the “Robbin Season” Season 2 trailer for FX series ‘Atlanta.’

Still unsigned yet still committed to producing quality music, Dpat, Atu, and Brent have brought the band back together for their first release of 2018, “One Night Only.” The single was premiered by CLASH Music on Thursday night.

Faiyaz’s vulnerable vocals and falsetto are what made him an R&B darling over the last two years. His token openness of feeling flourishes on “One Night Only.” “I know you been thinkin’ bout me, thinkin’ bout me,” Brent croons, near begging for an opportunity to satiate his fix for an already-taken woman. While Faiyaz’s voice provides the heart for the song, Atu and Dpat give “One Night Only” its body. Kickdrums and an acoustic guitar keep pace for the track’s three-minute slow burn, the instrumental sizzling beneath the vocals and providing a nice transition between the verses.

It’s the kind of song that serves a late night text well; or at least, it will set a very proper mood on a cold winter night. The ‘Dreamgirls’ song, it’s definitely not. Stream Sonder’s “One Night Only” for yourself down below.