On her ‘Crush’ EP, Ravyn Lenae aims to hit the sweet spot between classic soul and modern-day R&B.

The evolution of Ravyn Lenae is something to behold.

Over the last two years in particular, the Chi-town hailing singer has cultivated a following – first, with her ‘Moon Shoes’ LP in 2016; and last year, with the release of her ‘Midnight Moonlight’ EP and an appearance on Smino’s ‘blkswn’ album. For many, it was ‘Midnight Moonlight’ that officially put more eyes and ears onto Lenae.

The Atlantic Records singer is banking on keeping her voice in everyone’s mouths in 2018, as well. Case in point: Lenae’s layered new EP, ‘Crush,’ a set of smooth R&B listens that fitting arrives the week before Valentine’s Day. The five-track suite, released Thursday night, runs sixteen minutes long and features only Steve Lacy of The Internet.

The EP’s lead single, “Sticky” found success on its own months ago; but the greatness of ‘Crush’ comes in how it manages to sound old-school yet modern. Ravyn’s voice turns sultry disco queen in one breath (the slow jam “Night Song”); and in the next, it tiptoes towards – but never fully occupies – Diana Ross & Supremes territory (“Closer (Ode 2 U)”). Steve Lacy joins Lenae on two of ‘Crush’s’ tracks, especially proving a solid addition on a 2018 re-imagining of “Computer Love” for a new generation.

But ‘Crush’ is Ravyn Lenae’s love stories through and through. There’s the intoxicating vulnerability on “Night Song,” making sure her “edges all right” because she’s feeling herself and planning to find someone to connect with. There’s the coos that make each song outside of the outro sound from a different time than ours. And there’s the “The Way You Make Me Feel” vibes that ebb and flow throughout “4 Leaf Clover.” On “Sticky,” Ravyn coyly asks the question, “What you gonna say, if I ever walk away?” By the time ‘Crush’ ends, listeners will never want the singer to leave.

Stream Ravyn Lenae’s ‘Crush’ EP for yourself down below via Spotify. ‘Crush’ is out now on iTunes. As a bonus, in case you missed it, you can watch the official video for “Sticky” below as well.