melat jansport j move me 2 the present

Four years after the original, Austin-based Mélat and Cali-based producer Jansport J bring the sequel.

The original Move Me, a collaborative effort between relaxed singer Mélat and Prezport producer Jansport J was stitched around a love of boom-bap. Years later, the pair have reunited like kindred spirits. Singles such as “The Now,”Push” and “Worries” have shown a focus towards an even more spread out, vibrant sound. There are elements of West Coast bounce (the Eugene Wilde “Gotta Get You Home” sampled “Not A Lover”) and a bit of soulful two-step, such as “Beautiful Black Boy.” Throughout the 10-track album, Mélat and J prove that time apart doesn’t mean things went sour. In their case, it was building towards something even more mellow and greater.

Stream Move Me II: The Present from Mélat and Jansport J below on the platform of your choice.