big k.r.i.t. big bank

Gold on gleam and all eyes on him. Watch K.R.I.T.’s new video from 4Eva Is A Mighty Long Time.

Five months have passed since Big K.R.I.T. shook up 2017 AOTY rankings with 4Eva Is A Mighty Long Time. Firmly back in the spirit of creativity, K.R.I.T. decided that the second video for the album following “Keep The Devil Off,” should be just as spirited. There are parallels between “Keep The Devil Off” and “Big Bank.” Both feature K.R.I.T. at times by his lonesome, either pensively rapping or joyously flashing a stack of money near his ear and a toothy, gold grill grin. It’s half performance, half Ric Flair strut through an empty parking garage with T.I. joining in at the very end. From feel to drive, “Big Bank” feels like a close relative to “I Just Touched Down” from K.R.I.T. WUz Here, another album where the hunger felt as paramount to K.R.I.T. as the end result. Watch the Motion Family-directed video below.