propain 7 day theory

Propain wants the grass as low as possible. The 7 Day Theory is proof positive.

Later tonight, Propain will let the world in on what he’s been hiding away for the better part of some months now. Notoriously private and even more meticulous in regards to crafting music, the Hiram Clarke rapper will drop the 7 Day Theory, a partial concept album he and DJ XO worked on together. Unlike previous efforts, 7 is a one rapper-one producer affair.

“Snakes,” the first single given to the public is peppered with Pro’s descriptive eye in regards to friends turning shady when the money is involved. “Cam’s turn to Ricos,” he affectionately refers to it as. “I can’t trust a soul no way.”

In a way, paranoia and trust are the perfect helter-skelter backcourt in Pro’s world. “Snakes” works like a chain gang operation, XO’s drum arrangements making for haunting tones where Pro is searching for a form of serendipity. He’s praying to God to save him from the snakes in the world. Otherwise, he’s going to be drastic about ridding them all out from his world.

7 arrives preemptively for major supporters of the Ridin Slab rapper later tonight. For others, the tape arrives in March. Hear “Snakes” via Apple Music below.