rocky banks big little brother

Adjusting to life post addiction and newfound stardom, Rocky Banks canvases his world for Big Little Brother.

Last February, Rocky Banks released Trust In Banko, a celebratory moment where a pill addiction was completely gone and rap became salvation. Almost one year to the day, Banks releases the follow-up, Big Little Brother. Featuring the previously released singles “Through The Phone”, “Tony Hawk” and “Purpose”, the full 15-track project arrives with Banks opening up to more traumas, such as the incarceration of his father.

“The inspiration for Big Little Brother came from me now confessing all my faults,” Banks told Mass Appeal, who premiered the tape. “I’m young but I’ve lived a lot of life. This is me coming to grips with some of the pain and key moments in my life—having my father taken away for the second time, overcoming addiction, and endless responsibilities. My homies and the youth need to hear this project. I got high school kids around that come to me and tell me my music takes them out of a situation.”

The album is a focused attempt at discussing the two worlds of Rocky. The first one, where he saw nothing but darkness behind a pill bottle and the second, where he’s more of a versatile motivational speaker. Previous collaborators and new ones such as Ripp Flamez, LVFromCle, Mufasa Enzor, Big Brandon Willis and Tiara Jewel join him on the tape.

“The name Big Little Brother means that you may be younger and might appear to have less experience, but some people might misjudge you just because of that,” he continued. “Sometimes I have more knowledge than other homies. I’ve graduated from ‘little bro.’ I’m doing big things now. I’m paving my way.”

Stream the mixtape via LiveMixtapes, Spotify and AppleMusic. Purchase Big Little Brother on iTunes.