mufasa enzor codeine dreaming

The drugs help make bad decisions in Mufasa Enzor’s “Codeine Dreaming.”

Never confused Mufasa Enzor for a singer. Although the Houston producer/songwriter dabbles, he enjoys experimenting far too much to be labeled one thing. Specifically on “Codeine Dreaming,” you can’t label him anything beyond an optimist. Built around a nursery rhyme style chorus, Enzor supplies a steady stream of snares and bass to discuss how sometimey we can be in the world, especially in relationships. “She only hit my line when she want them drugs / I only hit her line when I want to f*ck,” he sings. Throughout the record Enzor bounces between being indifferent towards his main lady’s feelings and also wanting her to be his main ear. It’s complicated but at the end of it all, he wants everything to be as lush and lucid as a codeine inspired dream.

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