stoppa who u with

Stoppa tells you to get with the winning team on “Who U With.”

The Big Tymers influence on popular music stretches farther than pen and pixel covers. Mannie Fresh flipped the theme from “Gilligan’s Island” for “Stay Fly.” During his original Cash Money tenure, he scored the national anthem. Yes, it slaps more than the “Star Spangled Banner” but that’s beside the point. What Fresh and Birdman ultimately gave us was a kaleidoscope of self-prophecy and gaudy boasts wrapped in the loud pipes of New Orleans drum programming.

Perhaps the one flow of Fresh and Stunna that has lasted beyond its 2000 creation was “Get Your Roll On.” Stoppa, much like Jeezy last December picks up on the flow for “Who U With.” Adonis the Greek plays Tubbs to Stoppa’s Crockett as the Houston to Los Angeles rapper makes sure it’s all on his side and not the other one. “Had to cut some n*ggas off because they was acting sus / Ain’t make sense, the stories don’t be adding up,” he raps. Although Blu Majic Beat Co craft something far more airy than what Fresh gave us in the early 2000s, the instrumental coasts on as Stoppa inadvertently creates another anthem, just as he did a year ago with “What’s The Word“. Hear “Who U With” below.