rocky banks purpose

Days away from Big Little Brother, Rocky Banks has his moment of clarity.

“It’s no accident.”

Weaving through Houston traffic and getting to your destination without touching a single red light is an act of God. There are bodies around, a high number of factors that could easily shake you or throw you off. Rocky Banks believes he was put here to make music. The sort of divine right mantra you achieve either while high or with a clear mind. Or, depending on your history, leading a people. At 22, he was pulling himself from a self-created hell. At 23 he was far too busy trying to cleanse what 22 even looked like.

The latest two singles from Rocky Banks’ upcoming Big Little Brother release show off just how a soon to be 24-year-old can be wired after self-discovery. “Tony Hawk,” with its playful, Kanye West “Workout Plan” inspired video sees to it that no one else takes credit for building Rocky Banks except Rocky. It feels like a single made for the world, for the little homies and more.

Purpose,” is a far more baroque, personal moment for Banks. The build-up to Big Little Brother has been about enjoying freedom. Mentally and physically. “I’m in control of myself, I’m in control of my wealth, I’m in control of my health,” he says on the single. Skittering snares from Mufasa Enzor only help contribute to a song that has deep roots in self-affirmation. That’s where Rocky is at the moment. The question is, can one truly be close to their own faith and clarity without sounding preachy?

What is the goal of life if you can’t impart your lessons to the world? If Trust In Banko found its roots in the days after recovery, Big Little Brother is easily in the latter stages of the 12-step program. Sharper and even jovial, Rakeem Williams figured out who he needed to be in order for his rap persona to feel more human and effective. The payoff is evident.