Mo. City emcee Jay-Von revives Dr. Dre’s “B*tches Ain’t Sh*t” to rain fury on another freestyle.

Fresh off appearing alongside John Fuggin’ Dough on a modern-day remake of “Money Ain’t A Thang,” Jay-Von has  another freestyle to kick off Black History Month. You would think the Mo. City rapper and Picture My Vision affiliate would take a breather, since his ’20/20 EP’ collaboration with fellow Visionary SeanoPhresh is still getting spins. But no. Not at all.

For his newest freestyle, under the gaze of DJ MoSama, Jay-Von chose to revive Dr. Dre and The Dogg Pound’s “B*tches Ain’t Shit.”

Frequent Vonzilla collaborator Relli is on hand to recreate the classic beat, cleverly branding himself “Dr. DRelli.” As for Jay-Von himself? His target on the track isn’t women like the original’s was. No, those in Von’s sniper sight are the men he sees as inconsistent, disloyal, and unworthy. The way Dre talks about Eazy-E in his singular, is how Jay-Von uses the ENTIRE four-minute freestyle to address those who’ve earned his ire.

One could make the case that Jay-Von’s best raps come when he’s either telling a story or talking his shit. Before the freestyle even begins, Von inserts a clip of a Stone Cold Steve Austin promo as though “Stone Cold Vonzilla” is what’s to come. He’s got bars for the fake (“Patnas being patnas but don’t want to see you prosper!”). He’s got rhymes for his peers and the so-called peons (“Don’t jump on no classics if your ass can’t rap!“). And in a homage to old school rap, Von spends the outro of the song being half hype man and half Don Corleone as the beat plays out. “I’ma apply more pressure,” Von insists towards the end. “I tried being humble – F*ck that!” As they say on Twitter, a mood.