el prez jett i masstyr so sincere

Jett I Masstyr and El Prez stick to LA palm trees and independence for “So Sincere.”

Toni Braxton was sincere about love being the key to keeping a man from straying. El Prez and Jett I Masstyr, two independent men on a mission have been sincere about keeping themselves far away from fugazi individuals and concepts. “So Sincere,” the latest video from the Houston producer’s Decorative Pillows album builds off of Braxton’s classic “Love Should Have Brought You Home Last Night” for Prez to drape his LA drawl on the beat like a Ric Flair robe.

As relaxed as Prez is, Jett I’s production adds an added bit of menace to an already declarative track. “So if he dies, he dies, I feel like Dolph Lundgren,” Prez raps. “Rather cop a studio instead of copping bricks, middle finger to the cops I ain’t never copping to sh*t.”
Prez is true to Los Angeles, his sincerity about rap in general far deeper than 280 characters would allow. Watch the Odiwams directed video for “So Sincere” from the One Mic Houston collaborators below.

Decorative Pillows is available now.