With a new EP on the way, Houston emcee Nique brings “The Summer” just before the winter ends.

As far as good years go, Nique may have had a better 2017 than most. The Houston-hailing rapper and brand ambassador for White x Gold dropped three solid projects, including his ‘WTF is Going On’ album. He gave the songs he dropped memorable visuals, as well, from the trippy camera in “Sunnyside Zoo” to the Houston homages within “Keep It Jumping.

Nique’s level of energy may be at a higher level than ever in 2018. The emcee has cut his locks and began the year teasing his new music to come. Nique’s snippet of “Thug N*gga” alone has found plenty of replay on Twitter. But on Monday, Nique shared his first release of the new year. It’s called “The Summer,” and it’s the first single off his upcoming ‘2018’ EP.

Body-rocking beats are a hallmark of Nique’s style, but “The Summer” is leaps and bounds the rapper’s most radio-ready single ever. Snares and a thumping instrumental give “The Summer” the feel of a gritty symphony, Nique’s flow stepping between the beat over the track’s three-minute length. Nique insisting that “You won’t catch me catching my breath,” on the song’s pre-hook isn’t just a reference to rapper’s delivery on the song itself. It’s a promise that Nique’s intensity isn’t going anywhere for the next eleven months.

Take a listen to Nique’s “The Summer” single for yourself down below. Nique’s ‘2018’ EP is on the way.