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I am glad to present a brand that I met up with at AGENDA, back in January: swrve.

Yes, that is the name of the brand. Yes, it is pronounced like “swerve”. Yes, they make very DOPE products.

We got the scoop on a new product that is in stock now: Made In USA indigo denim jeans! Check out some words from the brand and, as always, be sure to comment below:

Los Angeles based outdoor apparel company swrve has just completed their latest made-in-USA SLIM version of their venerable jeans. swrve added a SLIM option to their range of denim in late 2016 and it was an instant hit.

“Every year we like to do some special projects and it only made sense to start off 2018 by offering a US-made version of our most popular SLIM jeans, in an Indigo finish with US-made Cone denim,” says lead designer Matt Rolletta.

This limited edition run of jeans is cut and sewn in-house at swrve’s Los Angeles facility using domestically milled Cone brand denim. The fabric is lightweight while remaining durable and offers a touch of poly for durability plus a hint of stretch for ease of movement on the bike and in other action-packed situations. The jeans feature swrve’s innovative touches like a seamless diamond gusset crotch and triple chain stitching in high stress areas for added durability.

Like swrve’s other US made products, these jeans fall under their _blk label designation, which indicates their highest quality garments. The _blk label Indigo SLIM jeans are available now for $125 on swrve’s website.