eimaral sol

Eimaral Sol finds greater comfort in self with her newly released “Y.”

Emiaral Sol’s “Y” comes with rather serendipitous timing. The Texas-based singer normally allows some her voice to tap dance around percussion and ethereal production. “Y,” on the other hand is a record about self-discovery and self-love, two paths of life many find themselves on as we speak. “Why can I be free from the ways of he world,” she asks on the track. “Why can I be who I am, in my soul?”

Reminiscent of Esthero, “Y” bounces and tickles with small trap and soul influences. “It is about realizing that pouring into other people without loving yourself and allowing other’s desires for you to dictate your day to day life is not only unfulfilling,
but also counterproductive to one’s overall progression,” Sol says of the song. “Beautiful, magical things happen when you love yourself and listen to your inner voice.”