“Money Ain’t A Thang” but these raps might be on a new freestyle from John Fuggin Dough, featuring Jay-Von.

Back in 2016, as part of the build-up to his ‘F*ck A Title’ EP, Jay-Von embarked on a personal mission to drop a freestyle over as many classic beats as he could. With DJ MoSama at the helm, the Mo. City emcee tackled everything from The Clipse and Snoop and Dre, to hometown go-to’s like “Oochie Wally.” If the freestyle is an art, then consider Vonzilla Picasso.

In 2018, Jay-Von is sharing the freestyle baton, it seems. To close out the first month of the new year, John Fuggin Dough – the man who’s made it a personal mission to push the Harriet Tubman 100-dollar-bill as the new “Benjamin” – stood alongside Jay-Von on a new freestyle, “Money Ain’t A Thang.” The freestyle serves as track 5 in Dough’s “10 Days of Play” Soundcloud series, where he dropped a track a day.

“Me and John actually recorded ‘Money Ain’t A Thang’ with Relli ages ago,” Jay-Von told Day & A Dream via email. “When I made the artwork, too, I kept in mind (John’s) vision as far as really pushing Tubmans. Then DJ MoSama got on board and that’s when things really aligned.”

Relli is on the boards for “Money Ain’t A Thang,” doing his damnedest to revive Jermaine Dupri’s timeless production with a few of his own flourishes. But the beat does what it’s supposed to do: it rolls out the red carpet for John Fuggin’ Dough and Jay-Von.

The two men are solid sparring partners, exchanging bars and even hyping each other up between the verses. JFD compares himself to Nat King Cole, hilariously references “PaRappa The Rapper,” and insists that him not rapping is “like hell froze over.” Jay-Von’s wordplay is at peak, as well; his verse at the 1:50 mark alone linking sex and women continually, is maybe the most clever he’s been to date.

Take a listen to John Fuggin’ Dough’s “Money Ain’t A Thang” with Jay-Von, presented by DJ MoSama and produced by Relli, for yourself down below. You can also listen to John Fuggin’ Dough’s ’10 Days of Play’ project down below, which features from Relli, Le’Sean Wayz, and Sequoyah and Rob Gullatte (the latter two of whom shine beautifully on “Civil”).