bruno mars grammys

Our Dallas compatriots in the Don’t Take It Personal crew review last night’s Grammys.

When the two most talked about rap albums take votes away from one another, the pop R&&B album is prime to win. That’s the logic one could have about last night’s Grammys. Bruno Mars took home six trophies including a sweep of the night’s three biggest categories. Mars won Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Record of the Year for 24K Magic, “That’s What I Like” and “24K Magic” respectively. Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z, the night’s highest nominated acts won five awards respectively — all of them by Lamar.

The late-night discussion about not liking Bruno Mars has already lept into an abyss of think-piecing and nonsense for the sake of doing so. “Celebrate black art,” the cries will ring on. But 24K Magic was a full-on celebration of New Jack Swing and Teddy Riley. Is it Oochie Wally or is it One Mic? There can be (much more) valid discussions on how exactly does one compute Best New Artist. The one person who was most likely to win (SZA) put out her debut single in 2012. Alessia Cara, who won the award last night put out her debut album in 2015 after a string of EPs.

It rubbed me the wrong way when Neil Portnow stated that women needed to “step up” in regards to the Grammys, especially considering that only one woman won a televised award (Cara) and it almost pushed me into, “Then why don’t you give Beyonce her things when she’s included in non genre specific categories” territory but I expelled all my anger out on that front in 2015 (hi, Beck) and 2017 (hi, Adele).

Anyway, let our friends from Dallas the Don’t Take It Personal crew give their thoughts and takes on last night’s event. Jay Wil holds lead while Hollywood Kas riffs on why he’s slowly becoming a KDot fan. Guest Sarah Badran decides to shake things up with not only her To Pimp A Butterfly takes but her astute knowledge of how the Grammys work sometimes. The most important aspect of the 20th episode of DTIP? The guys and Sarah giving their thoughts to the #TimesUp movement. Listen to the podcast via Soundcloud, subscribe on iTunes.