big bad kab vokab

On his third solo project, Big Bad Kab is back to doing what he does best.

Vokab, the latest tape from Big Bad Kab (or Kab Tha Don, depending on how you like your throaty, Southern Baptist preacher style rappers) dares Kab to be something more than one of the best live freestylers in human existence. The evolution of the Don comes in repetitive, almost strip club-ready anthems such as “Hold Up” and “Gimmie Dat” with Snootie Wild. But let’s not get it confused. Kab didn’t completely run away from his “get it out the mud” roots. For months on end, if you found Kab within the vicinity of a microphone, he was going to preach. He’d embrace old drug dealer habits, street trappings, and overall bully ball. He stood as the most imposing and appropriate rapper at the H-Town Rap Battle. Even when he didn’t walk away with the title belt, Big Bad Kab held court with a hushed crowd wanting to hear every word.

“Time,” feels like a prelude whereas lines such as “Even when the bad work came in, young n*gga had to whip up a knot!” off “Dope” set things back in motion. You can hear Vokab, Big Bad Kab’s first tape since 2014’s Bully On Tha Beat 2 featuring Richelle Gemini, Show Louis, Bartee and KDOGG below.