big bossin vol 2

Payroll & Cardo make their Big Bossin Vol. 2 a big budget sequel.

The original Big Bossin was a mixtape, an act of fun for Doughboyz Cashout rapper Payroll Giovanni and Dallas-based producer Cardo Got Wings. Instead of adopting a signature closer to either man’s hometown, the tape ventured further West with synth heavy, percolating tracks. Two years later, the Big Bossin duo is back and operating with a far more trusted budget. What was once a mixtape is now an album, the duo’s first on Def Jam Records. And Big Bossin Vol. 2 gets right back to the path set out by its predecessor.

Giovanni has always been an even-keeled ball of menace at times, while Cardo has always been able to morph his sound to fit whomever he’s working with. Last year, he teamed with Cali bruisers Jay Worthy and G Perico for G-Worthy. On Big Bossin Vol. 2, the guests come out whether it be E-40 and Jeezy on “Mail Long”; or Jeezy by his lonesome on “Dopeman Dreams.” Payroll already stole the show on Jeezy’s Pressure album in December. Now, on his own tape, Payroll shines even brighter. Stream Big Bossin Vol. 2 from Payroll and Cardo via Spotify below. Purchase the album on iTunes now.