HP is back. Hear Hot Peez’s first single of 2018, “Gossip.”

“Talk fly and get beat down…”

It’s been a small minute since we last heard something new from Hot Peez. After dropping one of the best projects of 2016 alongside Donnie Houston on the ‘Lagniappe’ EP, Peez limited himself to live performances, previewing new tracks on Instagram, promoting ‘Lagniappe,’ and features throughout 2017. But that’s always been the New Orleans-to-Houston’s modus operandi: move silently and quietly and let your work do the talking for you.

In 2018, however, Hot Peez is waking back up. Earlier this week, the rapper shared his first single of 2018, “Gossip.” Just like he drew inspiration from Joyce Meyer on Roy O.’s “Fluorescent,” another random (but intentional) pop culture figure inspired Peez on “Gossip.”

“The Gecko is on the cover art comes from the ’80s cult classic movie, ‘Wall Street,” Hot Peez shared via email. “We had the artist, Jason Williams, turn Michael Douglas’s character Gordon Gekko, into ‘Gordon the Gecko.'” You can see the resemblance – right down to the Gecko toting Gekko’s trademark phone in his hands.

“Gossip” rides along for just under three minutes in length, producer Re’Al lacing the track with an upbeat sound that’s perfect for the spring weather on the way. The beat is so catchy that Re’Al even lets it play out for the song’s final twenty seconds. But it’s the kind of beat that Hot Peez functions on well, his Southern drawl two-stepping along the bouncy beat and incorporating singing melody in places, too. But even amidst critiquing people who talk and do too much, Peez uses “Gossip” to brag on himself a little bit. “(I’m) every woman’s choice – when I’m in the zone, you can hear it in my voice!” Peez insists, and “Gossip” is all the proof you need of that.

Take a listen to Hot Peez’s “Gossip” single for yourself down below.