kam franklin

On a flight to Miami, one passenger learned that you don’t disrespect Kam Franklin.

Kam Franklin is a superwoman.

The uber-talented lead singer for The Suffers has managed to pull off many things, aside from sharing a birthday with Prince. She’s been quick to let her thoughts fly on social media in regards to a number of topics whether it be her figure, Hurricane Harvey or even being an ambassador for the many countries and cities she visits touring.

One passenger early this morning soon learned that Franklin isn’t one to hold her tongue, especially in regards to disrespect. In a series of tweets that began on a flight headed for a layover in Miami, Franklin wrote about a female passenger, upset that Franklin merely sat next to her.

The story seemed like a typical disgruntled woman not satisfied with her seat or leg room. A typical story until, the woman attempted to text her husband, who was sitting in another seat and Franklin noticed it.

The woman continues on, unknowingly typing away and displaying her rather racial tendencies for Franklin and anyone else who noticed to see. Finally fed up with the disrespect, Franklin pulled her card in the most respectful way possible.

Naturally, when you’re caught red-handed in mess, you attempt to play it off. But unbeknownst to the woman, Franklin knows Spanish and by the time it was all said and done, The Suffers’ lead singer was escorted to a better seat by a flight attendant who apologized for the woman’s behavior.

Again, kids, rule number #4080 is record companies are shady. Rule Number #4081, don’t disrespect Kam Franklin when it’s all said and done.