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I am very excited to put a spotlight on this brand/artist merchandise: FWM Creative!

I’m not going to write much more beyond this, because you can just read it for yourself, but the artist, FlygerWoods (pen name of Anthony Williams) has decided to put out his own merch, a smart move for any artist.

Here, we talk about a lot of things, but this was more of a conversation between friends, really. Check it out, and as always, comment below!


(Writer’s Note: The photo above is by Rory Pabon & the photos below are by Troy Montes.)

Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Anthony Williams, better known as FlygerWoods. I am a native Houstonian, [who] grew up in Missouri City and Alief.

This is a different interview of sorts, in that not only do we know each other on a fashion level, but we also know each other on a music level. First, for those out there that do NOT know who you are, tell them about yourself, from a musical growth perspective. (Start with the Airborne days, then go to FlygerWoods). 

Indeed family, as you know my first rap moniker was Airborne starting at about the age of 18. As Airborne I was a young lyricist learning and searching for my own sound and identity. From a skill set stand point, I’ve always been a rapper’s rapper. Intricate rhyming was, and still is what I do; however, as Airborne, it was my message that was still in development. My personal life quickly evolved in my mid 20’s and as a result, so did my taste in music as well as my personal style. The hip hop purist in me began writing relatable songs over beats that encouraged people to dance rather than just head nod. Eventually, FlygerWoods was born.

When did you realize that a switch in the name needed to happen and how did that switch help your career, as a musician, move forward?

When I was 24 an A&R from an indie label played my music and heard potential, but his primary feedback was that I should change my name from Airborne for marketing purposes. I began playing with other names and one night in the studio, FlygerWoods came out of my mouth and everybody went nuts. I began noticing the same reaction when I would introduce myself as FlygerWoods in public and at that point I knew changing my name would be a move forward professionally. Since changing my name there have been many factors that have advanced my career, but more than anything evolving into FlygerWoods has provided a fresh start artistically that has affected my growth the most.  In 2 years I’ve laid a solid foundation as FlygerWoods and hopefully have left my imprint not just on a local level in the Houston rap scene but on a national level as well.

As an artist, how important is it to have merch and how soon would you recommend an artist develop their merchandise?

I feel it is highly important to have merch and honestly should be developed as soon as an artist feels comfortable and confident with their music and style. I never created merch as Airborne, it was only until I felt a certain level of success as FlygerWoods did I feel the confidence to release my brand and begin designing merchandise.  Physical music is a thing of the past, but your merch still gives fans something to leave with besides your social media handles. Merch also sets you apart from other artists as far as defining your personal image which is imperative to branding.

Tell us about FWM and how did it come about? What does the acronym mean?

FWM Creative houses my merch, music, media, publishing and any other creative bodies of work. My team and I were discussing branding and realized the acronym for Flyger Woods Music FWM, shares the other well known popular acronym Fuck With Me. FWM was developed to be a source of revenue for my music, but we knew that eventually we wanted it to stand alone and succeed as its own business entity as well.  Today FWM merch sells to people that have never heard of FlygerWoods,  but in the end the goal is for the awareness to come back to who FlygerWoods is and of course to gain new fans for my music.

Where can the reader find your merch to view and purchase?

FWM is sold online and distributed through Fine Southern Gentlemen out of Austin, TX.  You can also go to my website www.flygerwoods.comwhich will also direct you to my merch at Fine Southern Gentlemen as well.

For the young artist on the come-up, who is seeking to develop their own merchandise, what practical advice do you have to give?

It’s important to appeal to the demographic you’re trying to reach but never be trendy, be original. Make something that you would wear on any day even if it wasn’t your own brand. Don’t do it alone, build and employ a strong team of supportive creatives that you can trust and rely on for input so that ideas are always fresh and not stemming from just one brain. I could not have started FWM Creative without my team and management, they have been instrumental to both the startup and growth of FWM Creative.  Lastly, you cannot be afraid to invest money in yourself. You have to spend money to make money is a statement I learned to be too true.

Check out FlygerWood’s merchandise here.

EDITS: The title and introduction to the article verbiage was changed from FWM Clothing to FWM Creative.