Nearly a year after its release, OneHunnidt & Bigg Fatts – aka H-Town’s ‘Smokey And Craig’ – give their “Free Game” single a Houston tribute-esque visual.

As it pertains to Houston, OneHunnidt & Bigg Fatts may be the most Dynamic Duo of the city at large. Each Houston emcee has his own individual strengths: Hunnidt’s wordplay is clever and layered, for example, while Fatts can launch into a blistering flow that goes from 0 to 70 in an instant. Together, however, the NUMB3RS Committee affiliates become the 713 version of “Smokey And Craig,” playing off one another perfectly.

Hunnidt & Fatts’s ‘Smokey And Craig’ EP didn’t see the light of the day in 2017. But that didn’t stop the tandem from dropping gems for their fans, like “Kamikaze” and “Free Game.” The latter track got the most traction, a four-minute number that was creatively set up like a conversation between the two artists. So creative was “Free Game” as a concept, that Fatts’ solo album – the highly-lauded ‘Memoirs of the Kitchen Staff – picked up where “Free Game” left off with a part two of sorts in “The Convo.”

In 2018, Smokey And Craig are back on track, and they’ve begun the year by giving “Free Game” a set of visuals to match. Taking a cue from the song’s conversational style, director JackD depicts Hunnidt and Fatts talking to each other over the phone, first while waiting for the MetroRail, and continuing as both men ride to their respective destinations.

“My flows are respectable, and my hoes, delectable,” Hunnidt muses in one of his many recollections; while Fatts insists that his purpose is anointed, paying homage to his “conscious but ratchet” persona by saying he “turned water into Zinfadel.” Along the way, JackD tucks in shots of Houston staples, like the “Be Someone” sign and Burger Park. But at the core, it’s about Hunnidt and Fatts displaying their lyrical chemistry, one man literally starting where the last man’s line stopped and encouraging one another from start to finish.

Watch the video for OneHunnidt & Bigg Fatts’ “Free Game” single down below. The emcees’ ‘Smokey And Craig’ project is due out later this year; but Fatts’s ‘Memoirs of the Kitchen Staff’ LP is out on iTunes now.