With their ‘Move Me II’ project on the way, Mélat & Jansport J link up again on “Push.”

Mélat has come a long, long way from where she started, but she hasn’t forgotten where it all began. Before the Austin songbird ever had her hometown name a day for her, she linked up with then-lesser-known L.A. producer Jansport J for her sophomore EP, ‘Move Me.’ In the nearly four years since, both artist and producer-artist have expanded their careers and their reach; but they’ve always known they do their best work together.

That’s why the two are giving ‘Move Me’ a sequel, ‘Move Me II: The Present,’ slated to touch down the week before Valentine’s Day. Now, Mélat has shared “Push,” ‘Move Me II’s’ second single (the album’s title track was released last year).

Unlike the slow, sweeping feel of “The Now,” “Push” is far more upbeat and dance-groovy. Producer Jansport J tosses in a smooth bassline and a riding beat over which Mélat’s voice sounds more confident – and happy! – than it’s ever been. The three-and-a-half minute jam is intoxicating, to where even Mélat singing “every little thang you do” comes off like a flirtation than a mere recitation of action (and her coos reinforce that, too). “Push” sounds like it was lifted from the ’90s yet, ironically, it fits perfectly in right now.

Take a listen to Mélat and Jansport J’s “Push” single for yourself down below. Melat’s ‘Move Me II’ project drops February 9th, but can pre-ordered now on iTunes.

Move Me II: The Present Tracklist

1. Co-Pilot
2. Push
3. Worries (Revelation 8:3)
4. I’ll Go to Waterloo (Interlude)
5. 4 AM, Call Me I’m Up
6. Coffee So Black
7. Not A Lover
8. Beautiful Black Boy
9. The Now f/ Jansport J
10. Too Good to Last