ABRA makes the “B.R.A.T” type woman sound like an unhealthy addiction on her latest single.

There’s something about a woman who knows the effect she has on you. It’s like once she knows she has you in her grasp, she knows all the things that make you tick, all the things you like… and all the things she can get away with.

Someone has fallen prey to ABRA’s grasp. The Awful Records singer – who can be counted on to drop at least two fire selfies per week on her Twitter – teased snippets of her work in progress often, but hadn’t released anything solid since blessing her Soundcloud with “Bacardi” back in November. All that changed last week, when ABRA told her followers she was in the mood to “drop something” and held true to her word with a new song, “B.R.A.T.”

FATHER handles production for “B.R.A.T,” giving the track a half-aquatic, half-80s pop vibe by way of reverberating synths and a steady snare. ABRA’s light voice floats over it all, the self-proclaimed Dark Wave Duchess’s cocky lines hypnotizing and thriving over the two-and-a-half minute appetizer.

“I’m doin’ what I wanna do/ and you can’t tell me shit!” ABRA sings on the song’s hook. Just in case it wasn’t clear before, ABRA isn’t going to fit in anyone’s boxes – and “B.R.A.T” may well be an anthem for those who refuse to conform.

Take a listen to ABRA’s “B.R.A.T.” single for yourself down below.