paul wall bounce backs over setbacks

On album number ten, Paul Wall knows that every loss is a lesson.

Bounce Backs Over Setbacks is an appropriate title for Paul Wall’s latest venture. The Houston rapper, who can officially say he’s released ten solo albums, saw his fair share of turmoil in the time between now and 2016’s The Houston Oiler. There was of course, a 500-year flood born from a hurricane that the city is still recovering from. There is the personal matter where Wall was arrested and then subsequently no-billed by a grand jury over weed and paraphernalia charges.

But let it not be unsaid that Wall hasn’t overcome all of it. He’s still smiling. He’s still a large brand ambassador for the city. Besides Mattress Mack, he’s probably the happiest Houston celeb over the Astros winning the World Series. “Grillz” became a team anthem after Wall proudly boasted of the concept after the ‘Stros beat the Yankees to win the American League pennant in October. In a way, Bounce Backs Over Setbacks is more of the same for The People’s Champ. Why switch up what made you a legend in the first place.

At barely under an hour, the album mixes ’90s euphoria with Wall’s steady hand and solemnness. Z-Ro can be found flipping Sleepy Brown’s chorus from “Player’s Ball” on “Hater’s Ball”. Wall himself channels Tupac and Thug Life’s “Pour Out A Little Liquor” for a track of a similar name. But like “Squad Goals,” the lead single produced by Zaytoven, the album carries a far heavier weight than previous outings. The entire Wall family appears on the penultimate track, “My Time’s Comin” and on the synth-heavy “Demons Constant Torment,” Paul’s going through the same issues that befell Scarface on “Mind Playin Tricks On Me.”

Stream Bounce Backs Over Setbacks from the longtime Houston rapper below. Purchase it here.