Mike Checc adds modern flavor to a Big L and Jay-Z classic on his “Keep It Real Freestyle.”

‘#MikeCheccMondays’ are kind of a big deal for Mike Checc. For the Houston emcee with the rugged flow, his weekly freestyle series serves as a way keeping himself accountable and sharp. What began at the close of last year, with Mike taking his own “Walk” over a Young MA instrumental, is being picked up again with full force. And not a moment too soon, as the rapper’s much-awaited ‘The Checc In’ project is nearing a release date.

The first ‘Mike Checc Monday’ of 2018 came on the third week of the new year, but there was a reason for that. Mike dedicated his “Keep It Real Freestyle” – over the beat from Jay-Z and the belated Big L’s legendary 7-minute session on Hot 97 with DJ Clue – to his manager, whose birthday was this past Monday. But just as Jay and L did work over Milkbone’s smooth “Keep It Real” instrumental, so, too, does Mike Checc push himself further than ever.

“Rap sh*t in my veins like it’s cloggin’ up my arteries,” Mike Checc spits on the nearly two-minute freestyle, holding court and even comparing himself to Socrates. While Mike takes his shots, the “real” may surface most in the freestyle’s second verse. One minute, Checc reflects on harder times when he had bars for hours but went hungry for days. The next, he recalls how his faith is what keeps him grounded through it all. “I was goin’ fast/ that’s why God pulled me over.” It might not get any realer than that.

Take a listen to Mike Checc’s “Keep It Real Freestyle” for yourself down below. ‘The Checc In’ is slated to drop next month.