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In my endless search for people, places, and things to write about, I am amazed at the level of product that is coming out of the City of Houston. The Members Only brand is no exception.

Started by artist-turned-entrepreneur Richie Roc, Members Only (located at 7404 Fairbanks N. Houston Road) is a unique brand, in that they not only sell their own in-store brand (PLR Clothing), the Members Only brand merchandise, and some vintage pieces, but they ALSO sell printing services to the public as well, in the form of screen printing, embroidery, and direct-to-garment printing.

Now, to celebrate their 2nd year, Members Only has released their commemorative capsule: complete with a t-shirt, 2 caps (one red & black), and a branded gym bag.

Check out the photo gallery below and, as always, feel free to leave comments below.

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