Diving head first into 2018 with an impactful record perfect for a late night cruise or the pre-game turn up, St. Louis rapper Cash 4oes holds his own from beginning to end on Melo. Another song where music and basketball collide, Melo is a motivational track foreshadowing greatness after the struggle and glory after the ascent.

Hailing from St. Louis, MO, Cash started taking music seriously in his late teen; spending his free moment recording songs in the back of a barbershop in south city. The music slowly became his passion but the rough streets of STL kept calling out to him and it wasn’t long before the young emcee found himself drowning beneath a life of crime, drugs, and gang life. The birth of his daughter changed his mindset and he found his way back to the booth; dedicated his life to his sobriety, his family, and his craft.

Steering into waters where the line between music and basketball is blurred, Cash 4oes stands out on Melo instead of fading to the back. Glamorizing the hustle and the grind to the top, Cash 4oes displays his dominant lyricism on the track partnered with a bold, hypnotizing flow. A feel-good record powered by motivation, Melo reminds listeners to within the storm on the road to greatness and to, forever, ball on.