Motorsport Freestyle - De'Vante

Envy Hunter gives us that ‘new new’ in two different ways as we start to settle into the new year.

The artist formerly known as Envy Hunter is now going by the name “De’Vante,” which makes sense…cause that’s his government name. De’Vante (to be read like Martin storming the set of the Varnell Hill Show) said his decision to go by his “guv’ment” is a result of a new aesthetic and a new, more personal direction.

“I guess I felt like I wanted to know me more personally and I figured ‘De’Vante’ just looks better and sounds better,” he said.

In addition to his new name, De’Vante has released a new freestyle to the Migos, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B “Motorsport” track, and dammit if it ain’t better than the original. Maybe it’s just the Houston talking, but anything that’s a freestyle that’s actually good and makes you want to listen over and over again automatically takes the lead over a written track.

“Motorsport Freestyle” is the latest in a series of freestyles to popular songs like “Gucci Gang” and “Bank Account,” and De’Vante EATS on the track, diving into his newer, more personal direction, talking about a lot of his experiences with minimal (but present) flexing. He talks about his goals, too, and it looks like we can expect a helluva a year from the artist. It’s always good to hear a Houston rapper making plans to give us more, so we love the track….plus, with the flow he has, dude makes us run out of breath just listening.

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