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First, I want to say Merry New Year (in my best Nanga Eboko voice)!

I had a LOT going on, around the time, after the Christmas holiday, THEN, I ended up going to AGENDA in Long Beach, California right after New Year’s Day. That was a BLAST (more on that event in another post)!

Now, I want to write about my homie, Kareem Day, coming at us with another release: the Green Prosperity Satin Bison Jacket. For those that remember our previous post here, A Herd of Bison released a version that, for the first 20 people who ordered it, was a special piece: you got your NAME embroidered on it, like a varsity jacket! He is doing the same thing for this one.

When I reached out to Kareem to get the scoop on the release, he sent me this:

“Just a second while I get emotional on this post….I took a different approach designing the next release from @aherdofbison . I wanted to create something that you could take throughout the year and not just a season. Quality, feel, and fit was high on the agenda but color was the highest priority on the list when designing it.
The first color that came to mind was green. Very beautiful color but more importantly I loved what the color represented. All things prosperous associated with this color. Life, energy, growth, freshness, and safety. This is what I want you to feel when wearing this piece. 2018 and the years to come are yours [to] conquer, no matter what obstacles may surface. YOU bring life to any situation. YOUR energy will be what takes you to the next level. YOU generate a sense of freshness to the world that can not be replicated. YOU are the exception to rule! YOU have what it takes to influence. YOUR ideas are needed!
Be great and believe in yourself! Full product reveal 1/15/18 [G]od bless 🙏🏽 #FollowTheHerd #AHerdOfBison #SpreadTheWord”
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