Most tales out of Ridgemont sticks to a familiar script. FYVE adds another chapter.

The dark outlook of “Brons,” FYVE’s latest single, sticks to a certain belief about the region that could claim both Mo City and Houston. It’s most fabled anthem professes its ruggedness. “Brons” from the opening note combines thin piano strikes with a swollen bass line to allow FYVE paint a very specific picture. It is robbing season and the perfect shoes of attire for him? Attribute those to the King.

“I hope and pray that this the day that it ceases,” he contends. If the first round is understanding location and severity of the crime, the second is attempting to enjoy the spoils. He mimics Big Moe’s opening refrain from “Maan” and compares himself to the very man whose shoes he rocks when the time arrives. “Like LeBron with the vision, I pass along what I’ve learned and hope to reborn you in spirit.” Too much in his own head. Before long, it’s time to get back to the basics and avoiding all the potholes that may come his way.

Watch the “Brons” video from FYVE below.