2raw cant decide

2Raw does this for fun. Watch his new video for “Can’t Decide.”

Every year, 2Raw jumps in a competition purely for the sport of it. He’s a rap mercenary that way. If it’s not a Jack Daniels event, it’s the H-Town Rap Battle. Although it was the rare battle in which 2Raw didn’t take home the crown, the Hispanic rapper still showed plenty of teeth throughout. For “Can’t Decide,” the rapper decides to take in the final days of 2017 dedicating time to his own greatness and sick sense of humor. “Doing drugs my mama used to do, I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” he laughs. The video, shot by Selasi Kudowor & Bobby James centers 2Raw right square in Houston, the result of winning a bi-weekly contest produced by Townwave.com