Tink returns with a bitterly beautiful new single about being burned by love, “Breakin’ Me.”

As female rappers seemed to find themselves in a renaissance of some sort in 2017 – what with Cardi B, Dreezy, Rapsody, Kamaiyah, and more seizing the moment – Tink was one of the voices that was missing amongst the re-up. The Chicago singer-emcee has flown under the radar since 2016 (we last heard her on Boogie the Beast’s “Catching Feelings”) and many worried that the ‘Winter’s Diary’ artist may have taken a break.

That changed on Thursday night, when Tink took to Twitter to share her first new music in over a year’s time, “Breakin’ Me.”

Tink is nearly as a good of a vocalist as she is an emcee. That’s why her “Million” single took off the way it did, and that’s why “Breakin’ Me” hits as emotionally hard as it does. Dj-Wes and Nabeyin handle production, providing tinkling synths and bass-heavy kickdrums. “Breakin’ Me” will ring familiar to anyone who’s ever been betrayed a lover. “Thought you was an angel/ Put me through this hell after everything I gave you!” Tink spits as she nurses her heart’s wounds.

Over the course of the three-and-a-half minute cut, the Chicago native spills it all, from feeling embarrassed in public to wanting to get her Angela Bassett in ‘Waiting to Exhale’ on (“come and get ya clothes ‘for I set em on fire!”). “Breakin’ Me” is bitterly beautiful… and it’s a helluva way for Tink to say she’s back.

Listen to Tink’s “Breakin’ Me” single, produced by DJ-Wes and Nabeyin, for yourself down below.