kyle hubbard

Kyle Hubbard is packing his bags, and takes one last victory lap in the process.

In wrestling, someone who is about to leave whether it be by retirement or the ending of a contract goes out on their back. They lose. Either it’s in a vicious manner say Chris Jericho leaving the WWE nearly a year ago after his feud with Kevin Owens or its in a somber manner, like The Undertaker after he lost to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. There’s no true in-between. Kyle Hubbard’s swan song to the city of Houston is kind of a somber one. Not that he’s a grizzled veteran like Taker gearing up for one last hurrah. No, Hubbard is merely shifting gears for greater, more personal challenges.

“Last Bow,” which was premiered by the Houston Chronicle earlier this morning finds Hubbard on the roof of his favorite venue, The Secret Group in East Downtown. He likens the moment to Green Day’s “Time Of Your Life,” an anthem about reminiscing and containing the past while being aware of the present. “This is my most earnest attempt of seeing that desire through after decades of sitting on it,” he told the Chronicle.

Watch the Steven LaRotta shot and Without A Face assisted video for “Last Bow” below. Hubbard’s All Good Things Come landed on numerous year-end Houston rap lists, coming in at number 10 on the Houston Press‘ Top 20 Rap Tapes list of 2017.