jamie hancock hennything

Put your mind to it. That’s Jamie Hancock’s lesson for success in 2018 with “Hennything.”

“I can see myself inside this liquor. Drunk decisions make my life a little less clearer,” Jamie Hancock raps on “Hennything.” Wanting to shine by any means, the Sincerely, Me rapper tells his main lady that he’s gonna blow up in that same sort of drawl and affirmation that Big K.R.I.T. loves.

Armed with a memorable chorus and a few day-to-day notices about life in his world, Hancock dances around the electric guitar and drum pattern with his goals aimed towards lofty goals. “I want Paul Wall to be my dentist,” he states rather firmly. “You know that Hennything’s possible, so why don’t you put your mind to it?”

Hancock and many like him will agree on this: Hennessy seemingly brings out the courage of people. Any good cognac does. But “Hennything” isn’t Jamie Hancock confessing to a problem with the bottle. Rather, it’s the clear opposite. Henny helps push away the microaggressions and pandering that the world can bring. Why not keep it around as a confident and a friend? Watch Hancock’s buzzing “Hennything” video below.