herstory houston

Eight artists, one cypher. The future is female in Houston and the Cypher That Changed HERStory is proof.


The main focal point of any piece of music in 2018 is about discovery. These days, where Soundcloud has become an ecosystem for finding the next big thing, being first is worth as much as seeing the next Bitcoin property that is going to skyrocket. Breaking it down to a micro level, discovery in Houston tends to work like a stock market. It’s volatile, it’s densely populated, and the more insulated platforms that exist, the more accessible acts will be.

The Cypher That Changed HERStory Houston is less of a full-blown cypher and more of an introductory piece to a lot of people. You know Blush Music because they’ve existed for two short generations of Houston rap. Nessacary and Troublesum because they’ve been the pseudo flag bearers for slick talking rappers in Houston who just happen to be women. You also have heard of Richelle Gemini because of how she maneuvered through a crowded field of men to hit the finals of Doughbeezy’s H-Town Rap Battle. It’s everyone else you don’t know, and that should be a beautiful thing.

DJ Gloss, who crafted the beat for the cypher gives ample amount of room for Cl’che to rap with a vocal inflection similar to that of Scarface. That same beat is enough for Slaps, a wicked tongue freestyler to work in fast-forward rather than Houston’s traditional bend all corners approach to rapping. At the very end, Corinna Delgado subs all the drums out and instead delivers a poem. The cypher, as presented, is one part song, one part showing out. To date, it’s the first notable woman posse cut to emit from the city in years, if not ever.

Every week, there’s a new event taking up performance venues across the city. They’re founded by women, ran by women and have performers that are, as you may have guessed, women. In many ways, the untapped resource that is HERStory Houston is starting to come out, slowly but very surely.