mufasa enzor

A broken jaw can’t stop Mufasa Enzor from letting his thoughts out on “Bragger.”

The last time I saw Mufasa Enzor, one of the minds and hands behind Rocky Banks’ Trust In Banko as well as work for Bee Honey and others, he couldn’t speak. Well, he was silent, but his eyes decided to read the room as if he still held a bullhorn in his hands. When we spoke, he flashed a grin showing that his jaw had been wired shut. “I still got new music coming,” he told me. Not even a full week and change into 2018 that new music has arrived in the form of “Bragger.”

Leading off with cheek pops and human-made percussion, “Bragger” is Enzor’s first single of 2018 and it’s a wavy anthem about a transition. Bouncy and to the point, Enzor’s latest single puts him square in the direction of forward-thinking. Enzor’s quietly been building a resume of his work for quite some time now. In 2017 alone he released the single “Pineapple Smoothies” with Trey Curtis and a large chunk of FreddyING’s In The Name Of God. “Bragger” is what he’d consider his Kanye West before College Dropout moment. Besides, it’s “no more free Randy” in 2018, anyway.