OhLordRoe kicks off her 2018 by dropping “Creep Pt. II,” a sizzling revamp of her 2017 single.

The great Erykah Badu once dropped this kernel of wisdom: “I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my sh*t.”

That especially held true for OhLordRoe. The Houston songbird went all out with the promotion for her ‘Liberation’ EP, even holding a listening party for it at the start of last year. But within a month, Roe took the EP down from her Soundcloud.

“I wasn’t satisfied with it,” OhLordRoe told Day & A Dream via email. Artists may be their own worst critics, but let Roe tell it, she felt she could’ve come harder and wanted to drop something more impressive.

This week, Roe gave listeners and fans alike her first release of the new year with “Creep Pt. II.” It’s both a nice re-introduction to the singer’s sensual sound and a possible indicator of where she intends to take her music in 2018.

The original “Creep” touched down last March, and was a snare-driven slow-burner that gave new meaning to the phrase “me love you long time.” “Creep Pt. II” doesn’t sound like an extension of the original; rather, it’s more like a reinvention. It’s a smoother sound, with a scaled-back synth-coated instrumental that lets OhLordRoe’s vocals stand out. “I know you want lovin’/ I’ll love you down!” OhLordRoe promises on the song’s bridge, sliding in sexy inhales between her lyrics to imitate a lover’s anticipation. She even lets the sensual beat ride things out for the track’s final twenty seconds. It may be cold outside, but OhLordRoe is warming things up and then some.

Take a listen to OhLordRoe’s “Creep Pt. II” single for yourself down below.