paul wall squad goals

Paul Wall drops his own version of The Four Agreements with “Squad Goals.”

Two years removed from Slab God and another year around the sun being a city ambassador, Paul Wall is offering free game to the world. “Even though we won it all, the haters still cheer,” the “Swangin’ In The Rain” rapper says on his newest single, “Squad Goals.” Produced by Zaytoven, the track makes reference to the Astros’ World Series win (‘sup Dallas Keuchel) by standing by a few totems.

The keys to life in Paul’s world: Loyalty, honor, integrity, pay homage, be dedicated, be honest and never break a promise. It’s the kind of preaching that doesn’t come off as being overbearing and sounds right in line with whatever 2018 resolution you have. Stream “Squad Goals” from Paul Wall and Zaytoven below.