q guyton spinoff

Q. Guyton starts 2018 off in a creative groove on Spinoff.

Q. Guyton, the ANF leader opted for growth and ownership in 2017. A year after filming a short movie with Doughbeezy for Cold Summer, he decided to open up his own one-stop shop for creatives in The Media Block. It’s his home away from home, a business network that at times feels like an interconnected hive. Shoot a video, record a podcast, host an event. In a way, it became the one place that could box in Guyton’s creative talents. In another, it became a conduit for him to express himself even further.

Spinoff is one of the fruits born from that labor. A quick, 11-track album, Guyton lets Ben Wade handle the bulk of the production while bringing in outside hitters such as BuddieRoe, Roy O., Izzar Thomas, Sly Drexler, GNB, J-Rag, DJ Hawk, Allie and more. You can stream Spinoff in full below and purchase it on iTunes.