Mo. City label Picture My Vision and friends take over All Real Radio in the video for Jay-Von & Seano Phresh’s “Toast” single.

Seano Phresh’s “Toast,” featuring Jay-Von, is the kind of song that just puts you in a celebratory mood. It’s best enjoyed when the listener has something to be proud of. But even if you don’t, the triumphant beat coupled with the two Mo. City emcees’ clever bars, will get you hype. The single was so big that the Picture My Vision duo found a place for it on Jay-Von and Seano’s joint ’20/20′ EP released last week.

Hoping to roll over the momentum they carried in the second half of 2017, into 2018, the rappers shared an official set of visuals for “Toast” on New Year’s Day.

It looks like Houston rappers chose to set up shop and hold court at All Real Radio on the same week in 2017. Just as Roy O.’s “Find Your Way” video was shot there, so, too, was the music video for “Toast,” with Winston Curry and Steve Rozco directing this one as well. Now it might make sense to some viewers why PMV was at the start of the “Find Your Way” video; and the start of the “Toast” visuals seem to pick up from a scene in “Find Your Way,” with BreakItDown DC interrupting Roy O. and Rozco on the porch talking.

The cameos are plenty – from JohnFugginDough to HTX Mickey to Hustlegrade, by way of a shot of their website – and the bottles are out in “Toast’s” visuals. Jay-Von, Seano, and Picture My Vision CEO Sea pose before mics performing the song, Sea playing hype and hook man for the duration, and even PMV’s Brother Rice pops up in the background. Director Curry’s visual effects add an artistic flavor to the video, as well. He has the bottles and mics flash in an array of colors, for example, and highlights select signs on All Real Radio’s walls. The wins keep piling up for Picture My Vision; and with a possible collaboration with ARR on the way in 2018, their train shouldn’t be stopping any time soon.

Watch the video for Jay-Von and Seano Phresh’s “Toast” for yourself up top. The PMV duo’s ’20/20 EP’ is out now on iTunes.