doeman mexican executive video

Doeman knows where the power lies. Watch the first video from From My Soul To Yours in “Mexican Executive” now.

Doeman’s music videos carry a piece of Houston with them at all times. “No Limit ’91” featured him embedded deep in Southeast Houston flanked by what seemed like the army from 300 in terms of supporters. (Ironically, there’s a song on his From My Soul To Yours album titled “300.”) The “Mexican Executive” video from Dodi is no different. However, instead of it being an army of supporters behind him, he’s parked a slew of tricked out Cadillacs.

For most of his career, Doeman has been penciled in as Houston’s emerging Latino rap star. The way he raps, how he carries himself. He slickly doubles down on punchlines and when the time is right, he ably brings it all back home. To his parents, his friends, and allies.”Mexican Executive” leads off with an audio sample of Tupac disparaging the current President of the United States. Backdooring off “Galleria,” it is a call to arms.

Walking through the city, the only thing shining between gated fencing, Dodi lets most of his raps do the storytelling here. Bird Medina wanted Dodi to appear like a superhero who never left home. Like Superman who still liked to kick it in Smallville when the pressures of being a hero got too great. Watch Doeman’s “Mexican Executive” video now. From My Soul To Yours is available now.