preach coltrain lyric le'velle 2 dope boyz

Name change, same bars. Preach Coltrain (formerly Express) loads up his first single of 2018.

When he called himself Express, Preach Coltrain played down a path of duality. On projects like Out For The Classics, he’d jump over timeless instrumentals to lay down the war with whomever for the sake of rapping. When he dropped Higher Learning in 2013, he couldn’t wage war without having a clear enemy in mind. Skinny, black and lanky enough to be considered a threat to whomever, Preach declared himself a revolution.

“2 Dope Boyz” pairs Coltrain with Lyric Le’velle, the Fort Worth rapper who could be seen as a long distance brother in arms. “What you about cuz I’m a young black and militant/ danger to motherf*ckers killin’ our brothers claiming they’re innocent/,” Preach raps on “2 Dope Boyz.” Le’velle doubles down on the rhetoric, having seen his fair share of trouble and issues in Funky Town, Texas. You can’t get rid of them, because they just survive, educate the youth and continue to grow.

Stream “2 Dope Boyz,” produced by Wolfe De Mçhls below. Preach Coltrain’s follow-up to 2016’s Highlander tape is on the way.