O.N.E. is a man apart in his “Yeah Yeah” music video, directed by TRU Films.

When O.N.E. released his “Yeah Yeah” single back in September, he treated it like a major event. The Houston emcee promoted the song on his Instagram a month in advance before it was even released. Then he held its release in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, until the people could enjoy it fully.

“Yeah Yeah” as a song is all about O.N.E.’s staying power. “N*ggas want me gone, but I’m still here!” The rapper crows at one point on the track. It’s just him, one man alone (no pun intended), against the entire world and every force thrown at him.

Keeping with that theme, O.N.E.’s official visuals for “Yeah Yeah.” released this month, mostly show the rapper solo, either spitting his bars in a dark room or standing alone in the warehouse district, Houston’s gorgeous skyline at rest in the background. Director TRU Films does sprinkle in other people here and there – folks at rest on the stoop sipping from their styrofoam cups, for example; and the parade of men and women driving their cars and bikes around O.N.E. as he raps. But the man in the Italia jersey is always at the center, always where the focus is. The so-called FlowGod’s flow won’t let up, and neither will he. Odot says it himself: “Never go back to not seeing sh*t in my fridge/ I’m back on my sh*t – you know what it is!”

Watch O.N.E.’s video for “Yeah Yeah” for yourself up top.