For his final move of 2017, Mo. City rapper Jay-Von tracked down the best songs of the year, from the mainstream and from Houston, for one playlist to rule them all.

When it’s all said and done, many will look back on 2017 as a really good year for music. Nearly every one of rap’s major players, from Drake to Kendrick Lamar to Rick Ross, dropped a project. And even the bigger names in R&B, including Rihanna and Beyonce, didn’t drop a full project but logged an impressive feature or two that could at least serve as a holdover. For others, it was a nice breakout year for new names and underappreciated artists, like H.E.R., Khalid, Sampha, and Daniel Caesar.

The year went by so fast, in a sense, that it’s a challenge still to remember what touched down last year vs. this year. And every “Best of the Year” list is bound to forget at least one or two albums because of the breadth of the selections.

So Jay-Von decided to do the work for us all. The Mo. City emcee – who didn’t have too shabby of a 2017 himself with “Nobody’s Realer” making its rounds and dropping three projects over the last 12 months – has become some sort of a playlist guru. We’ve featured a few of his curated music lists on here before, but his ‘This Year in Music 2017’ playlist may be his most ambitious undertaking to date.

Vonzilla literally went as far back as the first week of January to dig up the gems that made to radio and the ones that were solid but slept-on. It’s TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SIX songs deep, and includes names ranging from Sabrina Claudio and Steve Lacy, to Boogie The Beast out of LA and Macklemore. He even managed to tuck in last-minute selections from this year as well, with Quavo and Travis Scott’s “Huncho Jack” and Gucci Mane’s “Rich Ass Junkie.” You may want to just let this one play, as you’re sure to stumble a minimum of 10 library editions.

While Jay-Von’s “This Year in Music 2017” playlist did make sure to include Houston artists like Bobby Earth and BreakItDown DC, Jay-Von also didn’t want the best of Houston to be overlooked. So the emcee also curated ANOTHER playlist, entitled “This Year in Houston 2017.” Jay-Von didn’t want to do a Houston-only playlist at first, however. “I want Houston to get out of sectioning ourselves off,” Von told Day & A Dream,” because our music is just as good as anyone else’s. That’s why I put Houston artists on the mainstream playlist. That said, it’s certain sounds that can only give you an H-Town vibe. The way the H produced music, especially the way the city did this year… sometimes you wanna hear JUST THAT.”

The H-Town Countdown of a sort has about a quarter of the breadth (55 songs), but it’s an obvious case of quality over quantity. “My OGz Lied” off Rob Gullatte’s spectacular comeback project ‘Gullactic Visions?‘ That’s here. The massive “The Kitchen Staff” posse cut off Bigg Fatts’ ‘Memoirs of the Kitchen Staff’ album? That’s here, too. Oh, you missed “Houston Tribute 2” off Tobe Nwigwe’s ‘Tobe from The SWAT’ mixtape, and BROCKHAMPTON’s “Gummy” track? They’re in here, as well. Yes, Houston had a damn good year, as well, and we didn’t need the radio to tell us that, either. Established oldheads and rising stars are all present in “The Best of Houston 2017,” and if home is where your heart is, you should absolutely run it twice.

Take a listen to Jay-Von’s ‘This Year in Music 2017’ Apple Music Playlist here; and his ‘This Year in Houston 2017’ playlist right here, as well.